Hello, my name is Nicki, its lovely to meet you


Born in Jamaica, I moved to the UK aged 10. It wasn’t until I moved to London though, after finishing school to work in the beauty industry, that my love of fashion really began.


Managing a luxury spa in my early 20s and often visiting clients in their stunning homes to provide beauty treatments exposed me and really open my eyes to the spectacular wonderland of London fashion. In particular, I became drawn to the timeless elegance and sophistication of tweed.


Like most of us I couldn’t afford the expensive brands (you know who I mean) but wanted the look and so began to search online and in-store for that special tweed jacket, suit or dress that would project to the world what I was feeling inside: “I am a beautiful and confident woman”!


With the exception of a few isolated pieces carried by high street retailers or ‘fast fashion’ sites, I quickly discovered that finding the ‘Chanel look’ at an affordable price was much more difficult than I had imagined. It was at this moment the idea for TweedLaBel – a brand dedicated to lovers of tweed (like me) was born.


About the Brand


At TweedLaBel you will find one thing and one thing only…TWEED!... tweed, jackets, tweed suits and tweed dresses. Rather than spending valuable time trawling through sites just to find that one piece, only to find that it’s not quite the colour of style you really wanted, at TweedLaBel we curate tweed collections that mean there’s generally something for everyone’s style and taste.


After testing several manufacturers Around the globe  (and rejecting 90% of the samples we were sent), we have developed a relationship with a single manufacturer working together to fulfil the final products to ensure the best quality for you, then items are shipped directly to  our headquarters here in the London and packed with love, making sure that each garments beautifully packaged and shipped within 3-5 days working days of placing your order 


Thank you