Michelle Obama – Girl from the south side and former First Lady

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An American attorney and author, known for her role as the First Lady of the United States from 2009-2017.  She was the first African American woman in history to serve in this position.

 Not only have we been inspired by Michelle’s influence as first lady, in which she was determined to build her own legacy independent from her husbands, we absolutely adore everything Michelle stands for; the way in which she portrays herself so gracefully, her elegant and sophisticated taste in fashion, being voted best dressed in numerous magazines and most importantly of all; her role in women’s empowerment. She has been a role model for women, a fashion icon and an advocate for education (particularly of young girls) and poverty awareness.


Let Girls Learn

She’s launched a number of charity foundations, Let Girls Learn, which aims to get 62 million girls around the world into school, and the Girls Opportunity Alliance program. Being Ivy league educated Michelle understands the power and value of education and how biased the world can be towards women not being given equal opportunities in their careers. The Let Girls Learn foundation raised more than $3.5 billion in its first year.



On a trip to London to mark the publication of her best-selling memoir “Becoming”, in which Michelle narrates her remarkable rise from a ‘shoebox’ apartment in Chicago’s south side to the White House. She visited the Elizabeth Garett Anderson school in Islington, speaking to a student body of girls 11 and 16 whom she mentored about education, career, life and relationships. She shares this same advice with young women and girls globally.


Practicing Sisterhood

Michelle quotes: “We need to start practising sisterhood as early as we can. As women we don’t have the luxury of tearing each other down. There are enough barriers out there, there are enough people waiting to tear us down… there is no room for mean girls and cliques and social complications that naturally come at your age. One thing we can do better as women is to take better care of each other” … wise words indeed!


Choose your relationships wisely

She went on: “Love doesn’t fix the problems that you have inside. You are a better partner if you work on yourself, if you know who you are, if you know how to earn your own living and to take care of yourself.  So, if something goes wrong you can be in control. The relationship doesn’t fix or mend the holes that individuals have


… but conversely you have to pick a partner who is whole. You can’t fix a broken person just because you love them. They have to do that work. I picked somebody who would be willing to work on himself and work on us. And not just think that ‘it’s your work to do’. So, choose wisely I would say. Choose wisely”.





As CEO of TweedLaBel I couldn’t imagine a more inspiring and influential woman to call my role model.  Aside from being from a similar background - a girl from a working-class family who aspires to a life that my parents did not have – she embodies the kind of values and grace that I and TweedLabel aspire to.


Although my achievements are not as impressive as Michelle’s (I haven’t made it to the white house… yet haha)! My focus is to build a legacy and to inspire other woman, young women especially, who may be naïve to the sometimes-vicious ways of the world and expectations imposed on them. Remember ladies, you are strong, beautiful and deserving.  Go after your dreams, believe in yourself - because you are worthy.



LUPUS UK - JustGiving


Lupus is a rare chronic autoimmune disease that affects the organs of the body, 9 out of 10 people that suffers from the disease are women. At TweedLaBel we are committed to help fight this disease with your help by donating 1% of all our sales goes towards finding research and finding a cure..


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